Comparison of PvE and PVP environments

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A Comparison of the PvE and PvP Game Environments

  • PvE (Player Versus Environment) means that ALL combat opponents will be AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents
  • PvP (Player Versus Player) means that players will face human players as well as the AI

On the PvE Server

  • It's a somewhat peaceful environment and a safer place to learn
  • The emphasis is on
    • honing one's combat skills against AI opponents
    • exploring this beautifully rendered game world
    • mastering the challenges associated with the navigation, trade, and production aspects of the game.
  • No human player can target another human player
    • This doesn't mean that two humans might not team up against an AI ship and manage to hurt (or possibly sink) each other during the battle
  • No AI ship or port of any nation will initiate combat with a human player
  • No Ports will ever change ownership. Port raids are not allowed in PvE.
  • Smuggling becomes trivially easy.
  • Players interested in a single player experience where other players can only help you should choose this server.

On the PvP servers

  • The training wheels are OFF
  • There is Large-scale conquest environment with player vs player battles raging everywhere from the lower Antilles to French Louisiana.
  • You are at risk everywhere and can be attacked by other captains.
  • You can capture any ship you want and sail any vessel you like if you have the proper rank requirement.
  • AI vessels and ports of other nations may initiate combat.