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Equipment Tab.jpeg

Equipment Tab

  • This is the Equipment Tab that one may view when in-port as it looks to a new player. Note the zero experience and zero gold in the title bar.

Also note the block of text describing the player's currently selected Basic Cutter

Permanent Upgrades

A ship may have as many as three permanent upgrades. It would be silly to put this kind of expensive upgrade on a Basic Cutter.
Some vessels have permanent upgrades incorporated in their construction


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One form of Ship Customization is through painting the largest vessels.

Ship Knowledge

Books may be found, looted from other vessels or purchased in shops. Once opened some of these may be appropriate to carry aboard your vessel in order to add still further bonuses to your craft.


This shows the armament of your currently selected vessel. Vessels cannot be sold with armament aboard so it may be necessary to left click on these and drag them into your Warehouse before selling the vessel.


The standard set of Chat windows appear when in port but an additional section (Trade) is added.


This shows the hold contents of your currently selected ship. Not that even empty the full 150 ton capacity of the Basic Cutter is not available. The 7.4 tons already used are the guns the ship has mounted. On PvE servers when no combat is contemplated these may be removed (and sold) to provide slightly more hold capacity (as well as 12 gold)

Captain's Chest

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A Temporary Warehouse is provided in any port that you visit.
Any goods left in warehouses in non-outpost ports are forfeited upon sailing.
If the port has been designated an outpost, the warehouse is permanent and may be expanded as necessary.
The basic Warehouse contains room for 32 stacks of goods. An additional 8 slots may be purchased for 50,000 gold via the Expand Warehouse button. Stacks may be organized via the Sort button. Expansion may be required if the variety of goods you're storing exceeds the number of slots available. Stacks may also reach a maximum capacity and require an additional stack. If such an expansion is required it may be accomplished via the Expand Warehouse button provided you have sufficient gold.