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Fishmongering 101

All that's required to make money fishmongering is a fish or some gold or both and a fish meat market that's not glutted.

  • Got a single fish?
  • If it's one of the Prized Fish find a port that will pay what it's worth. Do NOT convert it as you would common fish.
  • However if it's just a common fish, convert it to fish meat and sell it. Viola you've got 25 gold.
  • Use your newfound wealth to buy two Tuna. Convert them to fish meat and sell it. We're at 255 gold
  • Buy the last two Tuna and all the Dorado. Convert all that to fish meat and sell it. We're at 960 gold
  • Not bad for a few minutes work
  • Note that I started with the most expensive fish (other than the Prized fish) that I could afford? They yield the most fish meat and at some point the market for fish meat will collapse. We want to sell in as big of lots as we can until that happens.
  • At some point the market for fish meat WILL collapse, or we'll run out of fish to convert. We can either fish some more and try a different port, or we can turn to trading which multiplies wealth a bit differently.

Dealing with Prized Fish


If you have caught any prized fish its best to sell them before dealing with the conversion of any other fish. If you can't sell them at a premium and you're in your home port put them in your warehouse out of harm's way for a minute.

Converting Common Fish

Common fish can be converted one species at a time or altogether provided that you've moved any prized fish out of the way. Right clicking on any of the common fish in your hold will bring up an options menu like that shown.

  • CONVERT THIS FISH is the safest as you'll only convert the one species.
  • CONVERT ALL FISH if you've right clicked on a fish in your HOLD, choosing this option will convert all the various species in your hold to fish meat.