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Indiaman Front 2.png
Rate 4th Rate
Guns 28
Chasers Stern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight 225pd
Carronade Broadside Weight N/A
Battle Rating 220
Total Crew 380
Sailing Crew 110
Max Speed 11.60kn
Turn Rate 2.6
Bow Structure 1275
Side Structure 5100
Stern Structure 510
Bow Armour 36cm
Side Armour 60cm
Stern Armour 24cm
Sail HP 5100
Mast Thickness 93cm *
Rigging Square Rigged
Draught Deep
Cargo Capacity 5450
Cargo Slots 32
Crafting Level 35

General Description

The Indiaman is currently the largest merchantman in the game being able to carry 8000 tons of cargo, she is also the most heavily armed merchantman with a total of 28 guns, 22 of which are 18pd cannons.


Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Gun Deck 22 18pd N/A
Weather Deck 6 9pd N/A
Stern Chasers 2 9pd 68pd


The Indiaman is a sluggish vessel due to her size, however her speed is not to be underestimated as she is capable of making a respectable 11.60kn, which is .30kn slower than Le Gros Ventre.


Here is the Sailing Profile for the Indiaman; you will note that she performs decently with the wind anywhere abaft her beam, but still displays a stronger preference for a broad reach compared to the more nimble trading ship Le Gros Ventre. Because she behaves largely like most of the other ship-rigged vessels, her low speed becomes an even more serious issue. For this reason a merchant aboard the Indiaman should either restrict their traveling to safe waters or only sail with an escort. Her low speed and maneuverability present real danger despite her theoretical potential for defence.


The Indiaman is based on a drawing from af Chapman.

How to get Crafting recipe

The Indiaman blue print drops from Le Gros Ventre.

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