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L'Ocean Sailing Stern Lee.png
Rate 1st Rate
Guns 118
Chasers Bow and Stern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight 1365 pd
Carronade Broadside Weight 1662 pd
Battle Rating 600
Total Crew 1100
Sailing Crew 230
Minimum Crew {{{Minimum Crew}}}
Max Speed 9.83 kn
Turn Rate 1.90
Bow Armour Hit Points 3022
Side Armour Hit Points 12086
Stern Armour Hit Points 1209
Structure Hit Points 6043
Bow Armour Thickness 42 cm
Side Armour Thickness 70 cm
Stern Armour Thickness 28 cm
Sail Hit Points 12086
Mast Thickness 110 cm
Rigging Type Square
Draught Deep
Cargo Capacity 1251
Cargo Slots 16
Crafting Level 45

General Description

L'Océan is a French 118-gun first rate ship of the line, and she is also the largest ship currently in game (she does not have the most guns, however, that honour belongs to the Santisima).


Deck Gun Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Bottom Gun Deck 32 42 pd N/A
Middle Gun Deck 34 24 pd N/A
Top Gun Deck 34 12 pd N/A
Weather Deck 18 9 pd 42 pd
Bow Chasers 4 12 pd 68 pd
Stern Chasers 4 9 pd 68 pd


Type Hull Rig Rum
Amount 21 24 275




L’Océan was a 118-gun first rate ship of the line in the French navy and was lead ship of the Ocean class of first rates. She was ordered as États de Bourgogne and was launched at Brest in 1790. Like many French ships of the line during the Revolutionary period, she was renamed several times, becoming Côte d'Or in January 1793, Montagne in October 1793, Peuple on 17th May 1795, and a matter of weeks later again renamed, to Océan. She served until 1855. As the largest ship of the line in the Brest fleet, the ship spent much of her early career as the fleet flagship. As Montagne, the ship was the flagship of Rear-Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse in the Combat de Prairial (known in English literature as the Glorious First of June) in 1794. She was badly damaged by HMS Royal Sovereign, losing 313 men and receiving 233 round shots in her hull. On 17th May 1795, she was renamed Peuple, a month later, on 23rd June she fought in the Battle of Groix as Villaret's flagship. Returning to Lorient three days later, she was renamed to Océan. She was refitted in Brest in 1797 and in 1801 she once again served as Villaret's flagship, ferrying troops of Leclerc's expedition to Saint-Domingue. Océan was Allemand's flagship at the Battle of the Basque Roads. Finally she was decommissioned on 2nd August 1850, and used as a floating artillery battery from May 1851 until being broken up in 1856.

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you can get the blueprint from the admirality store

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