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Perks have replaced Officer. Players gain perk points based on combat experience earned. Perks are based on the captain and so impact any ship you sail.

The Perks can get a maximum of 10 points which are used to purchase up to 5 perks.

Perks Experience Needed

Perk Level Experience Needed
1 ?
2 ?
3 300
4 ?
5 ?
6 ?
7 800
8 ?
9 ?
10 ?

Combat Perks

Perk Name Points Needed Perk Bonus
Coward 3 Exit timer is 1 minute instead of 2 minutes.
Double Charge 1 Allows use of double charge. (Not possible with carronades)
Double Shot 1 Allows use of double shot. (Not possible with carronades)
Frigate Master 5 If sailing Frigate(5th rate and 4th rate) get +0.5kn speed and 5% quicker reload
Light Ship Master 5 If sailing Light ship(6 rates and lower) get +0.5kn speed and 5% quicker reload
Lineship Master 5 If sailing Line ship(3rd rate and larger) get +0.5kn speed and 5% quicker reload
Pirate Hunter 6 10% quicker reload if fighting pirates.(restricted for nationals)
Pirate 6 +1kn speed if fighting nationals. (restricted for pirates)
Prepared 1 Ship starts with all guns loaded.
Thrifty 1 Battle repairs don't use repair kits.
Mortar Officer 2 Mortar reloads 2x faster - accuracy is 25% better - 2 balls from 1 mortar.
Determined Defender 2 Boarding is only possible if enemy has 20% more crew.
Defense Drill 2 Defend command costs 5 preparation points.
Press Gang 1 Adds 50% of remaining enemy crew to your crew after boarding won.
Area Control 3 Disables button Leave Battle for everyone within 750m.
Trimming Expert 1 Reduces Heel by 3 Degrees.
Carronade Master 1 Reduces dispersion on carronades by 10%.
Rigging Specialist 2 Reduces sail damage by 15% and increases sail repair in OW and Instance by 10%.
Pump Inventor 2 Increases water bailing by 10%.
Emergency Master 2 Reduce cooldown of Emergency Repair by 50%.
Expert Carpenter 7 +7.5% repair to hull (for repair kit), +7.5% repair OW
Expert Surgeon 1 +10% crew recovered by medkit
Doctor 1 Recovers 70% of losses on instance end if your ship is alive

Economy Perks

Perk Name Points Needed Perk Bonus
Admiralty Connections 1 Reduce cost of crew hire by 20%
Fisher 2 Increase fishing drop chances by 25%
Foreman 2 Increase labor hours regen by 20%
Frigate Shipmaster 1 Lower Frigate Labor Hour cost by 25%
Light Ship Shipmaster 1 Lower Unrated Ship Labor Hour cost by 30%
Lineship Shipmaster 1 Lower Ship of the Line Labor Hour cost by 20%
Overseer 2 Increases max storage of labor hours by 25%
Royal Shipbuilder 2 Lower all ships Labor Hour cost by 10%
Gifted 2 Increase blueprint drop chance by 100%.
Shipyard Connections 1 +15% to ship prices sold to ports
Hold Optimization 1 +20% more hold space and decrease your speed by 2.5%


You can recover lost crew by either hiring them in port(for 500 per crew member) or by using medkits.

You loose crew if you sink so it is often a good idea to Surrender when defeat is certain. By surrendering you save your crew.

Medkit Size Amount of Crew
Small 10
Medium 50
Large 150