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Shipboard Status - Minimized

The Open World in addition to the In-Port and In-Battle worlds are the three main parts of the Naval Action game-world.

Ship Silhouette/Open Display

Expand/Minimize Display

Clicking on the three horizontal bars next to the ship Icon will toggle the Ship-Board Display from Minimal to maximized.

Tow to Port

Clicking on the Tow to Port option will request a free tow into the nearest deep-water non-hostile port. There is a 5 hour cool-down on this so use sparingly.

Time of Day/Days at Sea Display

The Time of day is the in-game time of day represented in 24 hour format.

Fishing Status

If this indicator is pulsing you are currently fishing
Click on the Hollow Fish Silhouette to begin/stop fishing.</br> One may not fish if the vessel is currently overloaded


Play takes you to the Crowns and Anchors mini-game.