Rules of Engagement

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Target Information

Before attacking a ship in the Open World, note that even large fleets are represented by a single ship in the Open World. Therefore it is advisable to check a target's information carefully.

Left-click on the intended target, it is then highlighted by a small circle drawn on the water around it. An information window is shown in the upper right corner of the display. The info window will indicate the nationality and type of ship, plus any other ships accompanying it as a supporting fleet. If it's a player controlled ship (or fleet), the player's rank and name (and clan name) will be shown. Also displayed is the Battle Rating (BR) for the target to compare to your own and assist in estimating your chances of success.

Options are also shown for sending a Private Message or Invite to Group, and a red Attack button that will be inactive (dull) when you are out of attack range.

Contraband Smugglers

Ordinarily you may not attack trader ships of your own nationality. But any ship that is flagged as carrying contraband goods are considered illegal smugglers and may be attacked without penalty.


When the Attack button is active (bright), you may left-click it to 'tag' your prey and begin a 15 second attack countdown. Once tagged, the red crossed swords battle marker appears above the target ship and two more circles are drawn around your ship. An "attack" circle whose radius marks the distance where the Attack button went active, and a much larger Pull circle.

Attack Circle

This is the radius around the attacking ship that the target ship must be kept within for the attempted attack to succeed. To abort an attack, steer away from the target ship until it is outside the attack circle when the counter reaches zero. To escape if you have been tagged, try to flee on a heading towards a point on the perimeter with favorable wind conditions.

Pull Circle

Very large diameter circle around the attacking ship with a radius equal to a 2 minute downwind sail. Note: All player and NPC ships within the 'pull' circle will be brought into the battle instance where the actual ship to ship combat will take place. Be aware that fellow nationals or allies may be very annoyed to be pulled into a battle instance without warning.

Battle Instance Launch

When the tag timer expires and the battle starts, all ships from the "pull" circle will spawn into a separate battle instance. They will all keep their relative positions and headings under the same wind conditions as they existed in the Open World. It is therefore important to maneuver for best possible advantage before the tag timer reaches zero.

Open Battle Instances

The battle remains open for three minutes and can be joined by entering the circle labelled for the side you want to join. In case one side is your nation, only that side can be reinforced. Ships will spawn relative to the open world position from where they entered, so ships entering on the far side of the circle will be very far away from the ships that initially started the battle.