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The Shop is where you can buy or sell raw commodities and crafted goods. Commerce can be instant with the AI shop merchant or through posted contracts for transactions with other players.

Shop Categories

  • Upgrades - permanent and regular
  • Cannons - long, medium, carronade and mortar
  • Consumables - repair kits and medkits
  • Materials - crafted goods
  • Resources - resources and food

Resources with a small boxed "i" icon following the name indicates player contracts are present.
The search field allows narrowing of the resources displayed.

Produced / Consumed Resources

This is to the right of the shop area.
Allows Production of
Indicates which production buildings are available in an established outpost. These resources may also be very inexpensive in the shop.
Indicates resources this port will pay a premium price for.


Your Contracts
Displays all contracts you have placed in all ports. Only contracts in the current port may be acted upon.
Dismiss - will result in forfeiting the contract and goods without any compensation.
Take/Claim - claim the gold or goods of a fulfilled contract. Reclaim gold or goods from a contract you wish to cancel.
Place contract
Buy - offer to buy a specified quantity of a resource at a specific price. The gold will be removed from your coffers and held to pay for the desired resources.
Sell - place a quantity of a resource you have for sale at a specific price. The resource(s) will be removed from your possession and held in the shop until sold.