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Table sorting

I struggled with this for a good long while with no success. I believe the problem is that the sortable feature relies on javascript that is found in Common.js Do you know if that is included in this wiki and properly invoked?

Havan IronOak (talk) 09:38, 1 November 2017 (GMT)

As a test I copied the combat ships section from this wiki over to the wiki and sorting works there

Ship Blueprint Cost

I removed the BP cost and permit cost, considering there are ships that have them and ships that dont, easier to just add it under the "how to get BP" section on their respective pages. --OlavDeng2 20:47, 12 June 2017 (GMT+2)

Not in game yet

I moved the ships like the wapen back to in game but not craftable, since while they dont spawn and you cant otherwise get them, these ships are in fact in the game. --OlavDeng2 20:47, 12 June 2017 (GMT+2)

Change in terminology on ship pages

To put ship data and terminology in line with current game mechanics and to make the language more uniform I'd suggest the following changes, and wonder if anyone oppose them:

  • Rename "Bow/Side/Stern/Hull Structure" to "Bow/Side/Stern Armour Hit Points" and "Structure Hit Points" respectively. This makes the separation between armour and structure more clear, and is in line with the "Sail HP" data line.
  • Rename "Bow/Side/Stern Armour" to "Bow/Side/Stern Armour Thickness". This is more clear, more in line with in-game terminology, and in line with the mast thickness data line.
  • Rename "Sail HP" to "Sail Hit Points". We should avoid short-hand wherever possible.
  • Rename "Rigging" to "Rigging Type", and shorten the description to simply "Fore and Aft" or "Square". Repeating "Rigged" when the data typename already says "Rigging" is bad form.

PS. What does the * after Mast Thickness mean? I cannot find any explanation anywhere. --Inkompetent

Good suggestions on all of them, Feel free to start converting to that. Also on the topic of the asterisks, that is just something that was leftover from some stuff, if you see them feel free to remove them. --OlavDeng2 16:41, 30th June 2017 (GMT+2)