Traders Brig

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Traders Brig
Traders Brig Front.png
Rate 6th Rate
Guns 16
Chasers Stern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight 48pd
Carronade Broadside Weight 144pd
Battle Rating 10
Total Crew 60
Sailing Crew 20
Minimum Crew 20
Max Speed 11.95kn
Turn Rate 5.28
Bow Armour Hit Points 440
Side Armour Hit Points 1760
Stern Armour Hit Points 176
Structure Hit Points 880
Bow Armour Thickness 28cm
Side Armour Thickness 47cm
Stern Armour Thickness 19cm
Sail Hit Points 1700
Mast Thickness 49cm
Rigging Type Square
Draught Shallow
Cargo Capacity 1750
Cargo Slots 24
Crafting Level 8

 General Description

Traders Brig is a traders version of the regular Brig, to get more space for cargo it sacrifices half its crew.


She can be have 6lb cannons or 18lb carronades equiped on weather deck and stern chasers.

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade
Weather Deck 16 6pd 18pd
Stern Chasers 2 6pd 18pd


It's a traders ship, it does trading good.


Here is the Sailing Profile of the Trader's Brig. The Trader's Brig is slower than the regular Brig and for this reason it is all the more important to make sure you sail on a good point while trying to escape. She will be at her fastest between 135-150. Her speed decreases sailing anything more upwind or downwind from that. In particular, she is severely punished for sailing closer to the wind than a beam reach.

How to get Crafting recipe

You can buy crafting recipe at Admiralty store for 40 combat marks, and craft her with crafting level at least 8.

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