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Wasa not a confirmed ship as far as i know, was only present in the ship selection poll, if can find public statement on it actually being in game it will be re added

IS confirmed ship But her was the Gustav Adolf

The Gustav Adolf was launched 1782 with 62 guns and was the first ship of the Class after the Wasa Prototype Ship.

She was armed with

26 x 36 pounders 28 x 24 pounders 6 x 6 pounders.

She was lost 1788 from grounding outside Helsingfors (Helsinki) s

  1. ( NavalStuff\4th rates\Wasa_60guns\blen_files_02\Wasa_1782_22_15.blend ) In the game futures, her will be 4th rates ship

  1. (Wiki)

Interesting, im curous, how did you find the model and how can you be so sure it will be in game? for all we know she could be somebodies little hobby which they are hoping at some point to get in game, im curious to learn more from you! --OlavDeng2 20:16, 13 October 2016 (GMT+2)

oops that's some sources from Player-selected ships 2015 - Final poll At #381

At #381 the list of ships Wasa was Nominated although DEV says "1 more ship will be chosen by a developers wild card" Hermione, Agamemnon, Ocean ....etc. Are out of Final result... Interesting is, Now everyone can find Hermione, Agamemnon, Ocean files are in Game directories

in 1st half 2016 - Final Poll At #461

the others DEV he says : pictures of what, steel?^^ I guess : gods is Wasa :)