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Rate 4th Rate
Guns 64
Chasers Bow and Stern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight 797 pd
Carronade Broadside Weight 160 pd
Battle Rating 250
Total Crew 550
Sailing Crew 150
Minimum Crew {{{Minimum Crew}}}
Max Speed 11.27 kn
Turn Rate 3.06
Bow Armour Hit Points 1358
Side Armour Hit Points 5430
Stern Armour Hit Points 543
Structure Hit Points 2715
Bow Armour Thickness 35 cm
Side Armour Thickness 59 cm
Stern Armour Thickness 24 cm
Sail Hit Points 5430
Mast Thickness 93 cm
Rigging Type Square
Draught Deep
Cargo Capacity 600
Cargo Slots 16
Crafting Level Notes

General Description

Wasa is a particularly well-armed Swedish 64-gun ship of the line, with a vastly superior broadside in comparison to other 4th rates. Visually, she is unique for her small poop deck in the middle of the quarterdeck.


Deck Gun Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Bottom Gun Deck 26 32pd N/A
Middle Gun Deck 28 24pd N/A
Weather Deck 10 9pd 32pd
Bow Chasers 6 9pd 32pd
Stern Chasers 4 9pd 32pd


Type Hull Rig Rum
Amount 13 16 137



Wasa was a Swedish 60 gun ship of the line , built in Karlskrona in 1778 by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. She participated in the 1788 Russo-Swedish War, and fought at the battle of Hogland. She was sold in 1803 but re-purchased in 1808 and converted to a 50-gun ship. The Swedish East India Company took advantage of Wasa for a trip to Canton from 1803-1805. The crew was reduced as from 556 to 167 men. The ship was repurchased by the Navy in 1808 after her only trip for the East India Company.

Wasa is typical of many of Chapman's innovative ideas. Because Sweden built its armed forces on close cooperation between its different branches, army, artillery and navy. They requested a ship built that was powerful enough to fight the long-drawn artillery duels in battle line that was the past practice, but could also contribute to support the coastal operations and landings.

Chapman's idea was a ship that despite its small size could deliver great firepower . A smaller ship has the advantages that it is shallow and can navigate with more freedom and that the reduced water resistance gives greater maneuverability and speed. The low height also reduces the drift which helps the ship to keep the formation of a line and presents a smaller target for enemy shelling.

The result was a double-decker with space for 60 cannons. More traditionally built ships of the line at this time conducted usually 74 guns in three decks, and to compete with them they gave the ship a very powerful armament of 36- and 24-pounder guns. Chapman also invested in attaining high rigidity, with full sails set leaned ship no more than ten degrees at six to seven meters per second. With the addition highly placed lower gun deck were ship type a huge advantage in high winds and heavy seas.

The design, however, met some criticism from the fleet because the upper gun deck was almost completely unprotected, and therefore they did not think that the vessel could withstand the long hours of bombardment during a naval battle.

Wasa won over Sheldon Sofia Magdalena in test voyage and the ship became the Navy's standard for many years to come. An order of ten ships of the line were placed and built between 1782-1785. To appease the fleet the ships were built somewhat larger and stronger with increased protection for the upper gun deck and were given an increased armament of 64 cannons.

How to get the Crafting recipe

Since Patch 14, the Wasa is only available by buying Notes from Admiralty for 30 PvP Marks.

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